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Foothealer - Family Type

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Foothealer - Family Type 



1. An individual heating apparatus to make your body warm on a way of blood circulationA. If your feet are warm, your body would be also warm.
B. A woman who gave birth tends to have cold hands and feet

when she gets old.
C. The temperature of normal people’s feet is over 32℃, but that of people who have bad blood circulation can drop to 20℃.
D. The pain from diabetes, gout, low blood pressure and cold can be relived if a patient who suffer from these diseases make their feet warm.
E. You can raise your feet temperature up to 6℃ from your previous feet temperature if you use this apparatus for over 20 minutes.


2. A heating apparatus can keep the head cool and the feet warm A. Keeping your head cool and the feet warm can help your sound sleep.
B. This heating apparatus is effective in making you look young by preventing your eyes and skin from getting dry.
C. If you keep your head cool and the feet warm, your head would be fresh and focused when you work or study.
D. Keeping your head cool and the feet warm can raise your blood heat, which is effective in strengthening immunity to more than five times.


3. Safe and clean EnergyA. A heating apparatus can make you warm by heating air not by using electric heating system or hot water.
B. A heating apparatus applies Ondol which is a Korean-traditional heating method.
C. Ondol can make a room warm by using heated stones from a wood fire.
D. Ondol that is a heated stone by an above method can improve your blood circulation.
E. The way to make your room warm is safe and clean because it doesn’t make any electromagnetic wave.


4. A Low energy consuming heating apparatus (0.09Kw)A. It is need a heating apparatus using 3Kw at least in an office where there are five people or more.
B. Most previous heating apparatuses consume from 0.6Kw to 3Kw.
C. If you set up this heating apparatus under a desk, you can work in warm by consuming only 0.99Kw per person.
D. If you use this heating apparatus well, you can save over 90% of a heating cost at most.
E. This heating apparatus uses less fossil fuel than other common heating apparatuses and help to make a healthy environment.


5. Size and DimensionA. Size : 680*340*60(cm)
B. Power : 90w/h






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Foothealer _ Family Type

Foothealer _ Family Type

Foothealer _ Family Type